Stained Glass Garden Art

Stained Glass Garden Art


Colour and Height in Your Garden 365 Days a Year


These striking yet subtle Garden Art designs incorporate the traditional craft of Stained Glass with Stainless Steel to provide a striking addition to any Garden environment.


'..... your Garden Art Work now looks stunning in my garden!'
Fiona – Coventry

Your piece of Garden Art will be unique and can be displayed as standalone feature, placed in a border to complement planting, fill a temporary space or bring colour to a dark corner.


'..... we purchased a Corra Linn several years ago - we have loved it ever since - it brings a great pleasure to our lives.'
Julia - Lancashire


Designs which are being enjoyed, appreciated and admired by a constantly growing number of clients, and are continually being expanded through the introduction of innovative new ideas and concepts.


'........Seeing my stained glass in the garden makes me smile everyday.'

Lorna - Manchester


Please note - we also undertake traditional stained glass window commissions.


'.....My Blue Contemporary design looks stunning in the Snow. It puts all other imitations of your work in the shade. Thank you.'
Cathy - Skipton