"The two Contemporary designs provide an immediate focal point in the immature garden we have inherited with our brand new house. Thank you" - Lauren

"Please find enclosed payment for my beautiful stained glass ornament. You are a very talented and trusting human being" - Fiona

"I am pleased to say it the Glass Art traveled home safely and is now looking splendid among our Birch trees" - Karen & Mark

"Can't thank you enough for getting the Winter design to my daughter in time for their Wedding Anniversary. They think it is just great - not seen anything like it for the garden" - Jenny

"We have found a sheltered spot for the Art Work in our Garden and it looks beautiful" - Hugh

"Bute is in my dry raised bed surrounded by grasses and virbena, it looks beautiful, I love it" - Wendy

"The small glass artwork now looks stunning in my garden" - Fiona

"The Glass is now positioned on the Garden and looks great" - Syd

"We previously purchased a Corra Linn from you several years ago - we have loved it ever since - it brings a great deal of pleasure into our lives" - Julia

"The small Stained Glass piece look lovely with the young green shoots around it" - Elizabeth

"Just right for the intended spot" - Brian

"The Art is beautiful" - Trudi

"We arrived safely in Devon with your Stained Glass in one piece and it looks perfect in our Garden" - Bob

"It looks lovely in the Garden in the sun this Morning" - Jane